Immigrating to Canada

The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms guarantees the rights and freedoms set forth therein.


Services of Canadian immigration given by Cabinet Conseil en Immigration

In order to meet your Canadian Immigration needs, we provide the following Canada immigration services.


Prepare, complete and submit your application

A properly prepared application will always move through the process faster and more efficiently. Usually, this will result in the avoidance of a personal interview with a Canadian Immigration Visa Officer. We take pride in submitting complete and professional applications that include all of the information and documentation needed to satisfy the Canadian Immigration Visa Officer of your qualifications for obtaining your Canada Immigration Visa.

Communicate with your Canadian Immigration Visa Office

Our office Cabinet Conseil en Immigration will serve as your mailing address for Canadian immigration purposes. We will let you know when any communication is received, and we will respond on your behalf to all requests and demands from the Canadian immigration authorities.

Prepare you for your personal interview

In the event that you are required to attend a personal interview with a Canadian Immigration Visa Officer, we will obtain the Canadian Immigration Visa Office's written notes concerning your application and will advise you on how to respond to the issues that will be raised during the interview.





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