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Services of Canadian immigration given by Cabinet Conseil en Immigration

In order to meet your Canadian Immigration needs, we provide the following Canada immigration services.

Follow-up your application

Canadian Immigration Visa Offices are required to meet service standards, which can vary during the course of your application process. Our “track-it” system alerts us if ever the Canadian Immigration Visa Office is not meeting its service standards with respect to the processing of your application. We will send immediate notification so that your application is put back on track. This avoids unnecessary delays in the processing of your application.

Ease your Settlement in Canada

To help you settle in Canada, we will:

• Prepare you for your arrival at a Canadian port of entry;
• Explain your Canadian Residency obligations;
• Advise you about Canadian Citizenship.
We are aware that obtaining a Canada Immigration Visa is only the first step in your journey to Canada. To help you establish yourself as a Canadian Permanent Resident, we will provide the following services to you.

Prepare you for your arrival at a Canadian Port of Entry

Once you receive your Canada Immigration Visa, you will have to enter Canada within a specified period of time. You will be interviewed by a Canadian Immigration Visa Officer before you are permitted to enter Canada. We will advise you on the documents that you will need to have in your possession and will prepare you for your interview at the Canadian port of entry.

Explain your Canadian Residency Obligations

You may lose your status as a Canadian Permanent Resident if you do not meet your residency obligations. We will advise you on the different ways of fulfilling your Canadian Residency Obligations.

Advice on your Canadian citizenship

Canadian citizenship is voluntary and you may be eligible for it after three years of Canadian residency. There are many advantages to Canadian citizenship and we provide extensive advice on the Canadian citizenship process.

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