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World-class Performer

If you are in the business world, chances are that you already know that Canada is a great place to do business — one of the very best in the world. Name any international study and odds are that Canada ranks as the top choice for its many competitive advantages.

Canada ranks #1 in the G7 as “the best place to invest and do business” according to the Economic Intelligence Unit’s global business rankings forecast 2008-2012.

Extraordinary Record

Take Canada’s prudent fiscal policy, low inflation, interest and unemployment rates, and a corporate tax framework that is among the best in the world. Factor in Canada’s status as an emerging energy superpower, the only stable and growing producer of this scarce commodity in an unstable world. Add to that the country’s strategic investments in technology, education, and healthcare. What do you obtain? Ideal conditions for businesses to grow and prosper!

AAA credit rating: According to Moody’s Financial Strength, Canadian banks rank first among the G7 in terms of their intrinsic creditworthiness.

Canada’s debt-to-GDP ratio is at 33.8 percent in 2004-2005 and Canada’s objective is to reduce it to 25 percent by 2013–14.

Canada’s inflation rate averaged 2.3% over the past five years, lower than the inflation rate recorded in the US over the same period.

Banks You Can Bank On

Canada’s well-regulated financial institutions – banks, trust companies, cooperatives, insurance companies and stock exchanges – have demonstrated a stability and competitiveness that has made their services popular around the world. The sector has become one of Canada’s major export earners since the worldwide liberalization of financial regulations. Canada’s other financial institutions are equally impressive, offering investment opportunities that are both lucrative and safe.

Support When You Need It
Export Development Canada (EDC) provides trade finance and risk management services to Canadian exporters and foreign investors.

The Knowledge Performance Challenge

The Government of Canada proposes the following goals, targets and federal priorities to help more firms develop, adopt and market leading-edge innovations.


Vastly increase public and private investments in knowledge infrastructure to improve Canada’s R&D performance.

Ensure that a growing number of firms benefit from the commercial application of knowledge.


• By 2010, rank among the top five countries in the world in terms of R&D performance.

• By 2010, at least double the Government of Canada’s current investments in R&D.

• By 2010, rank among world leaders in the share of private-sector sales from new innovations.

• By 2010, raise venture capital investments per capita to prevailing U.S. levels.


Renew the Government of Canada’s science and technology capacity to respond to emerging public policy, stewardship and economic challenges and opportunities.

The Government of Canada will consider a collaborative approach to investing in research in order to focus federal capacity on emerging science-based issues and opportunities.

The government would build collaborative networks across government departments, universities, non-governmental organizations and the private sector.

• Encourage innovation and commercialization of knowledge in the private sector.

• Provide greater incentives for the commercialization of world-first innovations. The Government of Canada will consider increased support for established commercialization programs that target investments in biotechnology, information and communications technologies, sustainable energy, mining and forestry, advanced materials and manufacturing, aquaculture and eco-efficiency.

• Provide more incentives to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to adopt and develop leading-edge innovations. The Government of Canada will consider providing support to the National Research Council Canada’s Industrial Research Assistance Program to help Canadian SMEs assess and access global technology, form international R&D alliances, and establish international technology-based ventures.

• Reward Canada’s innovators. The Government of Canada will consider implementing a new and prestigious national award, given annually, to recognize internationally competitive innovators in Canada’s private sector.

• Increase the supply of venture capital in Canada . The Business Development Bank of Canada will pool the assets of various partners, invest these proceeds in smaller, specialized venture capital funds and manage the portfolio on behalf of its limited partners.

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