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Bordered by three oceans, spanning six time zones and covering 9,970,610 square km (3,849,650 square miles), Canada is the second-largest country on earth. But distance isn’t a deterrent for businesses operating in Canada, thanks to its sophisticated infrastructure and highly developed transportation network.


Canada has over 300 airports, 10 of the major international centers. Toronto is the busiest airport in the country, serving as an east-west hub and handling roughly half of all passenger traffic.


More than 300 commercial ports and harbours move local and global goods in Canada. The Atlantic, Arctic and Pacific oceans surround Canada’s three coasts. Canada is also home to the world’s longest inland waterway open to shipping—the Great Lakes/St. Lawrence Seaway—the industrial heart of North America.

#1 among G7 Countries

The best overall quality of life —In a recent quality-of-life ranking of 215 world cities by Mercer Human Resources Consulting, five Canadian cities ranked among the top 25. Canada has the best overall quality of life among the G7.

• A land of equal opportunity —Canada ranks first among the G7 in providing equal opportunities for individuals.

• Lowest cost of living —Canada has the lowest cost of living among the G7.

• Best in addressing environmental concerns —As measured by the Environmental Performance Index (EPI), Canada ranks 2nd among the G7 and 8th in a 133-country study in terms of effectively reducing environmental stresses on human health and promoting ecosystem vitality and sound natural resource management.

• Safest place to live —Canada leads the G7 in terms of the safest place to live and conduct business with the most fairly administered judicial system.

• Optimal human development —According to the United Nations 2006 Human Development Index, Canada ranked first among the G7 and sixth among the 177 countries surveyed.

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