1. Support the development of globally competitive industrial clusters.

The Government of Canada will accelerate community-based consultations already under way to develop technology clusters where Canada has the potential to develop world-class expertise, identify and start more clusters.

2. Strengthen the innovation performance of communities.

The Government of Canada will consider providing funding to small communities to enable them to develop innovation strategies tailored to their unique circumstances.

Such communities would be expected to engage local leaders from the academic, private and public sectors in formulating their innovation strategies.

Additional resources, drawing on existing and new programs, could be provided to implement successful community innovation strategies.

As part of this effort, the Government of Canada will work together with the industry, provinces and territories, communities and the public in order for the private sector to implement a solution to further the deployment of broadband communication, particularly for rural and remote areas.



3. Address key challenges for the university research environment.

The Government of Canada has committed to implementing the following initiatives:

• Support the indirect costs of university research. Contribute to a portion of the indirect costs of federally supported research, taking into account the particular situation of smaller universities.

• Leverage the commercialization potential of publicly funded academic research. Support academic institutions in identifying intellectual property with commercial potential and forging partnerships with the private sector to commercialize research results.

• Provide internationally competitive research opportunities in Canada. Increase support to the granting councils to enable them to award more research grants at higher funding levels.

NAFTA Advantage
North America—the world’s largest, richest market.

Want access to more than 443 million consumers and a combined GDP of more than US$15.4 trillion? Look no further than Canada.

America’s #1 Trading Partner
— and by a long shot. Two-way goods-and-services trade between Canada and the United States was valued at C$710 billion dollars in 2005, or nearly C$1.3 million a minute in trade. That’s more than trade between the United States and all of the countries of the European Union combined.

Access to Latin America
The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) gives you access to the entire continent and Latin America. Following the success of the 1988 Canada-U.S Free Trade Agreement, in 1994 the original trading partnership expanded to include Mexico, creating the largest free trade area in the world. Products traded with the United States and Mexico fall under the terms of NAFTA and most of the tariffs were eliminated in 2004.

NAFTA revealed the true potential for Canada-Mexico-US trade and ushered in a new era of economic integration. Canada and the US remain each other’s largest trading partners. Mexico is now Canada’s fourth largest export market, while Canada is Mexico’s second largest.

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